Haus of Boho:  Personally curated products sourced from around
the world.

As a citizen of the world and a wanderlust traveler, I’ve come to appreciate the uniqueness of each country I’ve visited and each city I’ve lived in.  I’m of Mexican, Spanish and Japanese decent and I’ve lived in Mexico City, Spain, Montreal, San Francisco and now LA.

My style is constantly changing and being influenced by everything around me.  I’m very visual and love unique, bohemian, eclectic things, but I’m also a city girl who values quality and practicality. Most times I like being comfortable but sometimes feeling sexy is kinda nice too.  I guess I’m just a mix of many things and I've come to embrace that and translate it into this store.

"Life can be amazing when you're the right kind of weird"

While coming up with the concept for this store, I often questioned myself if I was bohemian enough to represent my brand. But then I figured there must be more girls out there feeling like one style is not enough to define them.  So I’ve come up with what defines me and my tribe, if it feels familiar then great!  Welcome to this place of non judgment where hopefully you can find something to match your style too :)

About The Tribe

I love the concept of tribe as I feel we have to go back to our roots, stay connected, stay humble and realize we are all just humans and therefore all equal. So beyond creating just a store, I'd like to create a community of like minded individuals, so please join us on facebook and instagram, we would love to connect and perhaps even collaborate.

Our Tribe

  • Loves to travel and explore different cultures
  • Believes in balance: No black and white here, we are a sprinkle of different believes and styles.
  • Appreciates fashion but we're not driven by it:  I don’t run out to buy the latest fashions each season. I just accessorize accordingly and hang on to my basic tees and jeans.

  • Loves passionate people that doesn't settle for standards: Only you can decide your path, don’t let society tell you how to live your life.

  • Believes in being the change we want to see in the world: Don't just talk the talk but set the example. Reuse, recycle and don't waste.

  • Believes in women coming together to help each other: Nothing worse than envy and jealousy. We are all talented strong women, believe in yourself and stop comparing.

  • Loves animals and nature. Proud doggy momma here :)

  • We have a great sense of humor and try not to take things personal: Chill vibes babes!

  • Likes to bargain shop but also appreciates uniqueness and effort. I pay fair prices to the artisans I buy from abroad.

  • Loves interior design that combines old and new: Love to reuse and DIY to create our own unique sacred space.

  • Loves flea markets and thrift shops.

  • Likes to support local shopping and new talent. Let's collaborate!

  • Likes to take care of our body and mind by eating healthy, practicing yoga and meditation, but leaves the whole “I’m spiritual attitude” for the true gurus or posers.

  • We feel grateful each and every day and this is truly the mantra we live by.

So this is me and my little store. I'm doing this out of love so my priority is always to make my customers and friends happy with my pretty little things :) Namaste!

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